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Damask desk

Style your office or workspace with damask

Add some style and personality to your office or workspace with some touches of damask print. Simple ways of adding damask would be to get some stationary and paper organisers in damask print. If you can’t buy them you could cover plain organisers with damask fabric or paper. You can buy damask print boxes to… Read More

Teal damask bedding

Top 5 tips to add damask to your bedroom

The damask pattern is very versatile, depending on the colours you use it can be romantic, modern, dramatic, vintage or classical. There are many ways you can add damask to your bedroom design and we have come up our top tips to add some damask flair to your bedroom. Using Damask In Your Bedroom Decor… Read More

Orange damask cushions

Orange damask ideas for your home

Orange is very popular at the moment so why not give your damask a modern twist. You can use a bright bold orange for a warm summery feel or use a more muted or earthy orange for an autumn theme. While orange can seem like a hard colour to use, it is actually quite versatile… Read More

Black and white damask wallpaper

Using damask wallpaper in your home

Damask is a very bold pattern. When used in contrasting colours such as black and white it can really make a statement in your home. Like with any home interior design you have to balance all of your elements. Having a damask wallpaper with damask curtains and damask print wall hangings will probably overwhelm a room…. Read More

White KitchenAid Mixer with damask decals

Add a touch of damask to your KitchenAid Mixer

A KitchenAid Mixer is a must have for any serious cook and they make a great statement piece in your kitchen. While you can get a KitchenAid mixer in a wide variety of striking colours why not add a touch of damask flair with damask sticker decals. These damask stickers are a great way to have a unique… Read More