Damask desk

Style your office or workspace with damask

Add some style and personality to your office or workspace with some touches of damask print.

Simple ways of adding damask would be to get some stationary and paper organisers in damask print. If you can’t buy them you could cover plain organisers with damask fabric or paper. You can buy damask print boxes to store your paper work. You could even cover a waste paper bin with damask paper or paint on a stencil.

If you are a bit more adventurous you could try recovering your chair with a damask fabric, lining a bookcase with damask print or even painting damask patterns onto a desk or file cabinet.

Damask desk organisers

It’s easy to add a splash of damask to any office with some desk organisers.

Damask pinboard

A pinboard covered with your favourite damask print adds some style to your workspace.

Teal and black and white damask box

Damask print boxes can hold all of your paper work.

Damask bookcase

A simple bookcase can be transformed by adding some damask print to the internal walls.

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