Teal damask bedding

Top 5 tips to add damask to your bedroom

The damask pattern is very versatile, depending on the colours you use it can be romantic, modern, dramatic, vintage or classical.

There are many ways you can add damask to your bedroom design and we have come up our top tips to add some damask flair to your bedroom.

Using Damask In Your Bedroom Decor

1. Damask Bedding & Soft Furnishings

One of the easiest ways to add damask to your bedroom is with a damask pattern doona or quilt cover. This is a great option because you can easily change it out if you want to change your style in the future. And because your bed is usually the focal point and largest object in your room you can use a bold damask bed cover and then keep the rest of the room simple.

Black and white damask quilt

A black and white damask quilt cover stands out against the white furniture and an aqua feature wall but doesn’t overpower the room.

Other options include using damask curtains, throw cushions, throw rugs, chair covers and bed runners.

Black and white damask curtains

Black and white damask curtains add interest and texture to a modern bedroom.

2. Damask Wall Art & Stickers

If you want to add a burst of damask to a room why not try using damask in artwork or as a wall hanging. It can be pretty simple and cheap to make yourself as well. Simply buy some of your favourite damask fabric and then stretch it over a wooden frame. This is also a great idea because you can add a bold damask pattern to your walls without having to use a permanent, and more costly, solution like wallpaper.

Black and white damask wall art

Black and white damask wall art

Damask motif wall art

A simple framed damask motif is a beautiful touch to any bedroom

You can also get sticker decals for your walls. These are great if you want to add a motif to your wall but don’t want to cover an entire wall in wallpaper. Plus you can remove, move and change them when you want.

Black damask wall stickers

Black damask wall stickers

3. Damask Accessories & Decor

Collect small accessories such as photo frames, mirrors, candle votives, lamp shades and decor items with damask prints. They don’t have to all be the exact same damask print either. Try using the same colours but different damask prints or use mostly one type of damask and then add in a different colour, such as a bright pink, to add a splash of colour.

Black and white damask photo frame

Beautiful black and white damask photo frame.

Pink and black damask lamp shade

Pink and black damask lamp shade adds a pop of colour.

4. Damask Wallpaper Feature Wall

If you want to make a bold statement you could wallpaper a feature wall in a damask pattern. Use bold colours if you want to really add drama or try a softer palette if you want to add texture and a vintage or romantic feel. This option is not for everyone as you will not be able to easily change or update the wallpaper.

Pink damask wallpaper bedroom

Pink damask wallpaper.

5. Damask Rug

Add a splash of damask to your floors by using a damask rug under your bed. This will add interest and dimension to any room. Be careful to think about placement and size of your rug.

Black and white damask rug

This black and white damask rug makes a statement, so you will want to keep your other furnishings simple.

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