Black and white damask wallpaper

Using damask wallpaper in your home

Damask is a very bold pattern. When used in contrasting colours such as black and white it can really make a statement in your home.

Like with any home interior design you have to balance all of your elements. Having a damask wallpaper with damask curtains and damask print wall hangings will probably overwhelm a room. So the trick is to use damask in a way that it adds a focal point without overshadowing other elements or being too much for a room.

Damask wallpaper is not for the fainthearted – depending on the colours you use it can add drama, romance, sophistication and a WOW factor.

Damask wallpapers often work best when used only on a feature wall and they will need a room that can handle such a bold pattern. The more dark patterns are probably not best for smaller rooms unless you are trying to create a very intimate space.

Top Tips For Using Damask Wallpaper

Be Brave

If you are going to use damask you might as well make it a statement. While you can get more subtle colours the pattern it still very bold. So if you are going to use it you should make it a feature.

Match Your Damask To Your Style

For a traditional, romantic damask design use ornate furniture and accessories. This will create a look of luxury and opulence. For a more modern take on damask try a bright colour like turquoise or pink and use modern furniture with sleek lines.

Add Texture

While the damask pattern is a statement itself you can also get flocked wallpapers which add texture and depth to a room.

Pink damask wallpaper

This pink and white damask wallpaper makes a bold statement. Keep your furniture and accessories simple to not clash.

Subtle damask wallpaper

For a more subtle effect use a less contrasting damask pattern. You will still see the romantic pattern and it will add a touch of softness and class.

Pale blue damask wallpaper

This beautiful pale blue damask wallpaper adds a soft romantic feel while still being quite bold.

Black and white damask wallpaper in bedroom

Black and white damask wallpaper certainly makes a statement. If you want to use such a strong pattern don’t have too much clutter or contrasting patterns in your furniture and accessories. Keep things simple and let the damask be the star.

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